Why Dart?

What we should be focused on

Posted 2 days ago by Tom Maiaroto.

So I've read a few posts about Google's Dart vs. JavaScript. I know there's a fair amount of debate regarding Dart and it's value for the web. However, after using Dart for a little while here, I have a different perspective. I believe too many people are confused by it and what it could really offer the web. Everyone compares it to JavaScript. This is wrong. It's not "replacing" JavaScript and I honestly don't think Google has any delusions about that. It requires a VM in the browser and there's just no way we'll ever see it put into... Read More

PHP 5 Framework Comparisons: Bootstrap

Taking a look at the bootstrap process

Posted 3 months ago by Tom Maiaroto.

So when I first picked up the Lithium framework for PHP, there weren't a lot of options out there. I mean Lithium really started jamming on the new features of PHP 5.3+ almost as soon as they were available. I think Symfony2 was quick to come on the scene as well, but now...There's a bunch. I see a lot more buzz around these modern PHP frameworks (as I like to call them, and what I mean by that is any framework using namespaces, new PHP 5.3+ features, maybe it's closures, etc.). So I think it's a good time to start evaluating the... Read More

GitHub Issues Feels

Expressions in images

Posted 4 months ago by Tom Maiaroto.

Happy New Year! I stumbled upon about a dozen messages from GitHub in my inbox today on a project I'm following. Not even my project...but nonetheless I had sympathy for the repository owner because the issues were quite annoying and I think we've all been there. So I decided to express some common feelings and frustrations we all have in images (animated GIFs, why not?). Why? Because I'm bored. Enjoy. How I feel about +1 a million times over in an issue. The usefulness of icons & emoticons in issues. People who close... Read More

News Ox: Building a Better News Aggregator

Faster. More Relevant.

Posted 4 months ago by Tom Maiaroto.

News aggregator sites and feed readers are broken. In fact, so broken and worthless that Google even canned its reader. This led to some people saying "RSS is dead" ... But that isn't true either. In fact, RSS is extremely important and great tools like Feedly, Flipboard, and Pulse are making RSS sexy again. While people are rushing to replace Google Reader, the simple truth of the matter is we need a better tool. Feedly, Flipboard and Pulse are great, but they are limited to RSS and you knowing about the source. The innovation to just... Read More

Discovery and Ranking

What people fail to do...

Posted 4 months ago by Tom Maiaroto.

So I had a great conversation today with Accel.io, a really great service for getting advice and "guides" for very specific challenges that you may face as a startup, marketer, developer, or any other role really. It's a very quickly expanded site and I have, myself, put up my AngularJS guide/course from Skillshare (another great resource for expert advice). They got me thinking about some things and things that they are trying to do right. Which only made me think about other people in this space doing things wrong. I also had a call on... Read More

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